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Structural Engineering

OSES Engineering provides prompt, custom design solutions, restoration, retrofit, and investigative reports for buildings.

To discuss your new building, ways of protecting or upgrading your structure according to the applicable code, contact OSES Engineering.


Visit our Research page for more details on our work in shear stress prediction, seismic isolation systems, and our innovative largest building in the world aimed for modern green Cities and multi level wind farms. Read more


Materials and Structure types

OSES engineers work with various structural materials, including wood, concrete, masonry, and steel: for analysis and design of:

Residential, Educational, Commercial, Industrial, High-Rise and Historic buildings and infrastructure
New Construction and Building Additions
Building Condition Assessments
Investigation &Testing
Interior tenant fit-ups
Concrete, Steel, Wood & Masonry
Sustainable green Cities (New concept, WETSS) & Multi-levels Wind Farms)

Seismic Retrofits & Reinforcements, Examples

Retrofit and research works took place at several locations in highly earthquake-prone Haiti. These projects included the design of a typical house for 750 houses were built in Jacmel and Port Au Prince, another typical house using local materials in Haiti, a historical HRC office building in Jacmel, retrofitting of two existing health centers in Marbial and Lafond. Elastic and plastic structural analyses of an existing two-story, 550-square-meter building in Jacmel.

After the 2010 earthquake that struck Haiti, our team evaluated the existing protection techniques that were used for specific sites and regions, such as the performance of the colombage (half-timbering) construction technique.

Using information obtained during site investigations, OSES Engineering designed two new health centers in the Marbial and Lafond areas of Haiti. These buildings were designed to withstand their particular wind and seismic environment, using a hybrid wood-reinforced masonry system that resists seismic and hurricane forces.

Sustainable Engineering

Large-scale engineering projects often require Sustainable Engineering. As part of our commitment to socially-responsible engineering, we take environmental considerations.

How It Works

For structural engineering for new buildings/structures, and for renovations or inspections of current conditions/damages at existing structures, please call us or send us a short description of your project to quote you for the fee and arrange an inspection time.

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