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Structural Engineering

Analysis & Design


OSES Engineering focuses on structural engineering analysis and design of structures against design force which include but are not limited to seismic and wind. In addition, OSES Engineering works as a general contractor for the construction of new buildings/structures and changes in existing buildings/structures.

Your Ottawa Team of Structural Engineers

OSES Engineering has the required expertise and experience to perform construction services like preparing plans, concepts, renovation/modification projects, repair, restoration, retrofit, maintenance or rehabilitation projects. Our dedicated workforce has completed many projects, including designing and building residential properties, malls, restaurants, resorts, hotels, factories, and warehouses. We at OSES Engineering is committed to safety, quality, and ethical standards.

Canada and International Structural Engineering and Construction Services

The team at OSES Engineering conducts construction work and provides structural engineering services, provides contracting services for new construction and existing properties, and structural design to hold tens of thousands of small wind turbines in a minimal space. We can offer a whole spectrum of engineering services to governments, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

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Structural engineering services are offered globally. To schedule a consultation, contact OSES Engineering. We work towards ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

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